Is It Time To Switch Forwarders?


Freight forwarding and international logistics can be difficult, requiring careful planning and being subject to numerous international laws and regulations. You require a seasoned logistics supplier who can talk to you, guide you through the process, and who you can trust to carry your goods safely and effectively.

If your needs aren’t being addressed by your present provider, you might be reading this blog to find a better solution. You might also worry that switching providers will be challenging or even painful, but it’s much simpler than you might imagine.

There is already plenty to worry about as a business owner without having to switch freight forwarders.

The process of bringing in a new, unproven partner can easily become one that is expensive and challenging.

It’s challenging to make the essential changes even when your existing supplier can no longer match your demands because you have more pressing matters to attend to, isn’t that right?

Not if you want your company to flourish and expand.

How can you tell whether it’s time to look around for a new freight forwarding firm after taking all of this into account?

The three justifications listed below illustrate when it might be worthwhile.

Internal Changes

-Your business has expanded, and your existing provider no longer offers the level of support you require.

Not every freight forwarder is made equally.

Are you able to speak with the same individual who quoted your shipment and is familiar with every aspect of your business?

Or perhaps you feel like your provider is a stranger and not a true partner because they don’t seem to understand or care about your present or future requirements.

Your company may suddenly need international air and ocean freight services because you are selling and transporting your goods internationally. Your present forwarding agent may only provide over-the-road freight transit within the United States.

If any of these changes have already occurred, it is time to start looking for flaws.

Once you have identified the issues, make a list of the major pain points that you can use in your initial discussion with the new forwarder.

Incompatible Technology

-The world has changed. It’s no longer necessary to sift through mountains of spreadsheets to keep track of your supply chain.

Office incompetent complains about inaccurate spreadsheet data.

Never let valuable knowledge be more than a click away.

It’s time to choose a new forwarder who is more technologically advanced if your existing forwarder isn’t equipped with the tools you need to manage your day-to-day operation.

However, how can you resolve a problem quickly if all you have is an avatar from an internet messaging service at your disposal?

Your business model could not work with an internet freight service either.

Every time you call, a different individual answers the phone, so you wind up having to explain your problem several times. This wastes both your time and the time of your customer.

It could be time to look for a new forwarding business if they are unable to offer you a committed team or even just a trustworthy point of contact.

Service Standards

–More than just a pleasant voice on the other end of the phone can be considered customer service.

Customer displeased

Calls from clients complaining about delayed or damaged delivery catch you off guard?

Do your invoices frequently differ from the quotes you get or are your transit times longer than they should be?

The logistics of moving a box from point A to point B can generally be handled by all freight forwarders, but what about performance on time and proactive reporting?

Are you swiftly getting correct updates?

It may indicate that they are hesitant to address current problems or simply don’t care because they can easily take advantage of the next client coming down the pipeline if you have very little communication despite persistent problems.

Are claims processed quickly and painlessly, or do you have to battle your own provider to get your issue resolved?

Does your forwarder show a desire to deliver first-rate service and a dedication to continuous improvement?

If not, these are some serious warning signs that your forwarding firm should be providing more.

Find a new forwarder immediately away if you are experiencing any of these problems with your transportation services.

What about price? may be a common question in your minds. Therefore, cost shouldn’t ever be the main factor in choosing a new freight forwarder unless your existing provider is charging rates that are far higher than what is reasonable and competitive.

Keep in mind that time is also money.

If you are diverting time from your primary duties to look for updates, monitor claims, or fix billing difficulties, are you saving your company’s resources?

If this is the case, it could be time to switch freight forwarding providers.

How Easy is it to Switch Forwarders?

The switching procedure is simpler than it first appears. Consider the ways in which your current circumstance has let you down and take that into account while setting new goals for the switching process. The switching process might be streamlined by having a clear understanding of your internal requirements. Following your acknowledgement of the new standards, follow these 4 steps to find the best forwarder to handle your shipments.

Start with Research

For a switching process to be successful, potential freight forwarders must be thoroughly investigated. One of the most effective resources for learning a lot about a firm is the internet. Before contacting a company, researching their websites, blogs, and reviews can provide you a lot of information about their priorities and market segments.

Any forwarder can offer to go above and above your expectations and say all the right things, but how can you know for sure? When you conduct your own research, forwarders have less opportunity to force you into a bad arrangement. Use the internet to your advantage to find what you’re looking for. You can find forwarders who aren’t just looking to close another sale by doing some investigation.

Have a Conversation

The logistics sector depends heavily on communication. Being at odds with your forwarder might cause major problems. Miscommunication is frequently one of the causes of people’s dissatisfaction with their current forwarder. So now is the time to do it correctly this time.

A company’s communication abilities can be revealed by a simple discussion alone. Asking them about their experience with your specific shipping procedures at this point is ideal. Take attention of the method they are communicating with you, even while the information they give you is useful for understanding how they will manage your shipments. Do they appear motivated to work with you to develop original shipping solutions? Do they appear to be listening carefully to your questions? Make sure to take it into consideration because you can learn a lot about a company from how they connect with you.

State Expectations

Unmet expectations are one of the four main issues that businesses have with their forwarders, according to the findings of our study. They frequently fall short of your minimum requirements, which frustrates you. Before you even choose a new forwarder, this is the opportunity to properly communicate your expectations. You can find a trustworthy forwarder by considering the shortcomings of your current forwarder and setting new standards based on those problems. It’s critical that you not only communicate your expectations, but that you also comprehend those of the forwarder.

Both parties may collaborate and ensure that all expectations are satisfied when they are on the same page.

Slowly Switch Forwarders

After comparing all probable forwarders, you are finally enthusiastic about the new find! But this phase ought to be its own process before launching into a new agreement. Take tiny actions to prevent your business from finding itself in the same scenario you just did with the prior forwarder.

Start working with the new forwarder on a few shipments to see how you get along with them. Start gradually moving more and more goods their way if they perform as expected and you are satisfied with the outcomes. Although it could take longer, it offers a safety net. You don’t want to sign a deal with a new forward only to discover that nothing has changed. Give it some time to be done correctly this time.


The conclusion

Value is what you should seek in every freight forwarding or logistics service provider.

Value is having a partner who can provide affordable rates without compromising the highest standard of quality, client satisfaction, or cutting-edge technology.

Integrity and honesty are values in all dealings.

It is a supplier who invests time in getting to know you and the requirements of your supply chain while providing the flexibility and knowledge to adapt to changes in your company.

The greatest value, however, comes from working with a freight transportation firm that genuinely cares about your success and that of your business.

Even while changing freight service providers may seem like a headache, the correct one should make the move painless and make you appear great.

Give Posey International, Inc. a chance to prove to you that not all freight forwarding firms are created equally if having a dedicated point of contact for all of your shipping needs and dealing with a forwarder that believes in developing long-term partnerships seems like a breath of fresh air.