3 Serious Misconceptions about International Freight Forwarders


When it comes to international freight forwarders, there are quite a few myths to be dispelled. In this blog post, we are going to focus on three of the most serious misconceptions about international freight companies to set the record straight.

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Misconception #1: It is cheaper to directly source your freight from the carrier.

One of the common misconceptions that many businesses hold is that international freight forwarders add a large mark up to the basic carrier price to make a profit. Freight forwarders have broad customer bases that provide them with significant volume. They use this volume to leverage better prices and rates from carriers. The freight forwarder can then, in turn, pass on these savings to their customers.

This is not possible if you directly source your freight from the carrier. In addition, the use of a forwarder means that you don’t have to worry with issues such as logistics, evaluating quotes, arranging pickup, etc.

It is cheaper to directly source your freight from the carrier

Misconception #2: Directly working with carriers gives you more control.

Another misconception that many companies hold about freight forwarders is that working directly with the carriers provides more control over what happens with your cargo. There are some problems with this mindset. First, carriers are usually not as service oriented as forwarders and typically aren’t able to manage multiple requests for information. This is simply not how they work. Next, keeping up with all the carriers you need involves multiple points of contact and, thus, multiple sources of information.

If, however, you opt to use a freight company then you have only one point of contact that has established relationships with the carriers and knows how to get the information you need in a timely manner.

Directly working with carriers gives you more control

Misconception #3: Freight forwarders provide better service to customers that provide more volume.

Contrary to popular belief, international freight forwarders value small volume clients just as much as they do large volume clients. Forwarders need to make optimal use of their shipping capacities, and this means a combination of volumes of all sizes.

A professional freight forwarder treats all its clients the same because they know each one is necessary if they want to remain profitable and efficient.

Freight forwarders provide better service to customers that provide more volume


When considering your shipping options, don’t be led astray by the many misconceptions that are out there. Remember that it is not necessarily cheaper to deal directly with the carrier, nor does it offer more control.

Also remember that whether you are dealing with large volume shipments or smaller ones, a reputable freight forwarder will give you the same high level of service.

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