Coronavirus & Freight Forwarding: 4 Ways To Protect Your Cargo


A foreman wearing a face mask works as a cargo ship docks at a container terminal of Qingdao port in Shandong province, China while the country is hit by an outbreak of the new coronavirus, February 4, 2020. cnsphoto via REUTERS

In January 2020, the Wuhan coronavirus turned into an international health crisis. More than 20,000 people were infected around the world — from cities the United States, Europe, and Japan to the epicenter of the disease in mainland China. The World Health Organization has been unable to find a cure or a vaccine, and in the span of a few weeks, hundreds of infected patients have died.

In response to this threat, many airlines, couriers, and shipping companies are stopping all shipments to and from China. But the number of reported cases is rising, and companies that rely on trade with China to manufacture, ship, and sell their products in the United States will need to re-evaluate their freight forwarding processes.

If you are worried about the effect that the coronavirus will have on your freight forwarding services, these tips will help you protect your cargo

Take A Look at Your Suppliers

With air freight shipping and ocean freight shipping at a standstill at ports along the Yangtze River, you probably won’t be able to get components or products out of mainland China. But the coronavirus outbreak is still in its infancy, and millions of American companies have not had the time to make changes to their suppliers.

Get ahead of the curve by searching for temporary, and if necessary, permanent replacements for the Chinese suppliers that you will lose. Don’t wait until the market is flooded with companies who can offer more money for the same services.

Consider Your Freight Shipping Options

At the same time, air freight shipping and ocean freight shipping are active in other parts of the world. The danger is that the coronavirus will spread from one point of origin to another, through travel, courier service, and shipping vessels that have infected people. So talk with your freight forwarder about your concerns, and work together to choose the best combination to shipping methods to get your cargo moving

Be Patient with the Freight Forwarding Process

There is no way to predict when the coronavirus will end, and global health authorities are still working to find a solution. Until that time, most shipments to and from China will be held in embargo; orders from Wuhan and the surrounding region will not leave the ground. This illness could cost U.S.-based companies billions of dollars, but the best option (for now) is to wait. The coronavirus may take a financial toll on your business, but your patience could save American lives.

Stay Informed About the Coronavirus

The World Health Organization and the CDC are posting updates about the coronavirus in real time. Click here to stay informed about the outbreak, and to protect your business from the financial fallout.

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