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  • What is Multimodal transportation?

    Posted on 02-16-2023

    Reading Time: 9 minutes Multimodal transportation refers to a delivery process that makes use of multiple modes of transportation under one contract. In this case, we must constantly keep in mind to sign a multimodal transport agreement. Transport occurs between a starting point in …

  • Cargo Damage? Types and way to prevent it

    Posted on 11-01-2022

    Reading Time: 10 minutes Manufacturers and suppliers may experience cargo damage during transit in a number of different ways. First, defective goods are frequently returned for replacement or a full refund, which not only results in additional expenses but may also harm the reputations …

  • What are the Incoterms?

    Posted on 10-04-2022

    Reading Time: 15 minutes Knowing the rights and obligations of the buyer, seller, and transport firm is crucial when moving items so that everyone involved is aware of the situation and there are no unpleasant surprises. Here’s an explanation: Defining incoterms What obligations and …

  • What is BreakBulk Shipping and why should I use it?

    Posted on 08-15-2022

    Reading Time: 3 minutes Although shipping your items worldwide in a container might be the most practical option for you, it isn’t always the best solution or even a viable one. This is particularly true if you’re transporting project cargo or other sorts of …