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Air Freight

  • Mistakes when prepping Air Freight

    Posted on 01-11-2023

    Reading Time: 8 minutes Posey International is experienced in assisting businesses with air and ocean freight as an international freight forwarder. Consolidation and cross-docking arrangements are only two of the many approaches to optimize and enhance international shipping. But improper freight preparation is one …

  • Cargo Damage? Types and way to prevent it

    Posted on 11-01-2022

    Reading Time: 10 minutes Manufacturers and suppliers may experience cargo damage during transit in a number of different ways. First, defective goods are frequently returned for replacement or a full refund, which not only results in additional expenses but may also harm the reputations …

  • Ocean Freight or Air Freight: Which is Better?

    Posted on 07-19-2017

    Reading Time: 4 minutes There is a considerable amount of debate about whether ocean freight or air freight is the best option for shipping. Each method has its pros and its cons, but which is the best way to ship your cargo? This blog …

  • A New East-West Rail – Will It Threaten Air Freight Traffic?

    Posted on 05-11-2017

    Reading Time: 4 minutes For many, rail seems hardly a threat to air freight:¬†all other things being equal, air transportation is almost always more expedient than rail. For example, if you need to transport a relatively small load from point A to point B …