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  • What is Multimodal transportation?

    Posted on 02-16-2023

    Reading Time: 9 minutes Multimodal transportation refers to a delivery process that makes use of multiple modes of transportation under one contract. In this case, we must constantly keep in mind to sign a multimodal transport agreement. Transport occurs between a starting point in …

  • Mistakes when prepping Air Freight

    Posted on 01-11-2023

    Reading Time: 8 minutes Posey International is experienced in assisting businesses with air and ocean freight as an international freight forwarder. Consolidation and cross-docking arrangements are only two of the many approaches to optimize and enhance international shipping. But improper freight preparation is one …

  • Cargo Damage? Types and way to prevent it

    Posted on 11-01-2022

    Reading Time: 10 minutes Manufacturers and suppliers may experience cargo damage during transit in a number of different ways. First, defective goods are frequently returned for replacement or a full refund, which not only results in additional expenses but may also harm the reputations …

  • What is BreakBulk Shipping and why should I use it?

    Posted on 08-15-2022

    Reading Time: 3 minutes Although shipping your items worldwide in a container might be the most practical option for you, it isn’t always the best solution or even a viable one. This is particularly true if you’re transporting project cargo or other sorts of …

  • Is the Shipping Industry Ripe for Disruption? Alliances Force A Trade-Off Between Price And Service

    Posted on 05-17-2017

    Reading Time: 4 minutes The shipping industry is coming out of one of the roughest patches in recent memory — and still faces a multitude of complex challenges in the years ahead. According to BIMCO, 2016 was particularly harrowing for the dry bulk shipping industry. …